Testimonials from Former Clients

"Dakota showed an immense amount of understanding and compassion throughout my time as a patient. I greatly appreciated his willingness to not only listen but to repeat back and acknowledge my thoughts. As a therapist, he possesses the skill to immediately create credibility and trust which allowed me to feel safe to open up to him, and I am grateful to have worked with him in becoming a more wholesome and complete person, free from anger. His structured yet informal sessions have given me the skill set to be able to succeed in my own desire to control my emotions and be aware of how my actions affect those around me."



"I sought help with Dakota primarily for help in dealing with anxiety, as well as other issues that I had struggled with for many years.  I had worked with other therapists in the past, but I can honestly say that Dakota truly offers something different and, for me, more effective than what I experienced in past therapeutic relationships.  I found him to be very insightful and I benefited from learning how he dealt with many of the same struggles his clients face.  Dakota gave me the tools I was looking for to overcome my challenges, initially during one on one sessions and later during group therapy.  I would highly recommend Dakota to anyone looking to change their life for the better."


"In December 2014,  I sought help for some anger management issues I was experiencing at both work and at home. I started to work with Dakota in early 2015 and worked with him for a little over a year. Dakota was very effective with my issues because of his straight forward manner and the way he weaves in some of his own experiences into the sessions to make the therapy and tools most relevant. As part of the therapy, Dakota also provides useful tools and source material that help with the 'work' and can be immediately put into action for people seeking help with any level of anger issue. I participated in both the one-on-one sessions with Dakota and also group sessions he facilitates, both of which were very useful in my therapy.  The results were great and I use the tools and devices every day.  I would most certainly recommend someone to Dakota who has similar issues."

Jon, Age 45

"Amid the chaos of my son’s substance-use disorder, I realized the toll it was taking on me. Working with Dakota Baker helped me alleviate anxiety, gain perspective, and recoup a sense of purpose and self-confidence. Through conversations, some of which offered guidance on how to help my son and many of which focused on how to help myself, I started on a path to find and practice serenity. Dakota was responsive and easy to talk to. He was a sounding board on a journey that took many twists and turns. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work through this with a therapist as kind and skilled as Dakota and often refer other parents to him who are going through a similar situation."

Rose M


"In the fall of 2011 I sought help in response to many life changes at that time and started to work with Dakota. I was in early sobriety after a period of alcohol abuse and my father had just passed away after a long battle with cancer, I was also concurrently at a crossroads in my professional life. Dakota was effective with my issues as he was highly relational in his work and I always felt that he genuinely cared and understood my struggles. He was not only a therapist to me at that time but also someone I looked up to personally. He not only provided support but also tools and inspiration for me in moving forward on my own after our therapy ended. I would highly recommend someone to Dakota who has similar issues, as you will find yourself working with a therapist who not only maintains the utmost professionalism but also works in a very personable manner to help you open the next chapter in your life."

Christopher J


"In 2010 I was having great difficulty with depression and panic attacks. At my first visit with Dakota he told me he offers something different than any other therapist. This turned out to be true. He listened, thought through what I told him, and offered insight, stories, alternative perspectives, and relevant questions that helped me “veer my truck tires out of the deep ruts of the old country dirt road” (by this I mean changing negative thought and behavior patterns). There are so many takeaways from my sessions with Dakota, but one that has resounded over time is to not be so hard on myself. I still have the notes from my meetings and I revisit them from time to time. Dakota has had an interesting life and his experience, training, and approach really did help me through a difficult time."



"Dakota has helped me to take a different look at my problems.  After going to other therapist I felt I had nothing to do but suck it up.  I asked for some tools to help deal with my situation because I felt like I was in a fog and could not see my way through.  With this plan that he has provided me, all the tools he has shown me to use and all his help I believe I am making much better decisions.  I have come a long way but need to travel this road and practice what I have learned and look to his help to learn even more."



"I’ve worked with Dakota for a number of months regarding alcohol and marital relations.  I’ve found Dakota to be very comfortable to talk with, intelligent and caring.  I’m not very adept at talking about feelings and emotions or assessing and understanding some of my actions.   My past experiences with therapists were not very fulfilling.  It was different with Dakota.  His style and method has helped me articulate my emotions and take charge of my behavior. "



“I started seeing Dakota in the fall of 2010 to work on some anger and depression issues after being let go from a job that I had held for about 10 years.  I was apprehensive seeing a therapist at first but Dakota’s casual, laid back style soon put me at ease.  His background is unique and he doesn’t look like what you’d expect a therapist to look like.  He got me to take an introspective look at myself that helped me to let go of things that I don’t have any control over.  I would have no problem referring anyone with similar issues to see Dakota.”


"Dakota Baker helped me trough a very tough time in my life. I was 22, depressed , full of negativity, anxiety , and simply needed help getting out of my rut. Luckily a couple blocks from my home in New Brighton , I found Dakota therapy. We immediately started cognitive therapy testing and taking the power out of my well set beliefs of negativity I had forged in my mind. He was like a good friend I really needed at the time. He always respected my values , showed honor to my spirit, and really cared about me getting better. With our continued work together I finally started getting better with his knowledge and expertise in psychology. Dakota Therapy is a great place for anyone wanting to start towards the path of good healing."



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