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In this website I will be offering some thoughts meant to be helpful to the reader. It is important that the reader knows that suggestions provided here are not meant as a substitute for therapy. You should see a doctor for medical conditions, a psychiatrist for medication related to your mental health condition, a licensed psychotherapist to help you with mental health issues, and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor for chemical health challenges. I'm am both a licensed psychotherapist as well as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and would be happy to help you with those challenges.

The suggestions provided here are general and might not apply to everybody, and certainly they will not apply under every circumstance. We can even consider my entries as opinions that might not be taken as advice at all. However I will always provide due diligence to ensure that the information provided is based on the best and most recent information available to me. Any opinion will be stated as such and any factual data will be researched to a point of due diligence.

No part of this site may be used or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the site's owner.

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